HeartLight X3 Laser Ablation Balloon Catheter

Compliant Balloon Laser Ablation Catheter

The HeartLight X3 System has been designed specifically for physicians to perform pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) procedures efficiently, predictably, and with confidence. The system’s innovative HeartLight X3 ablation catheter is equipped with a compliant balloon to conform to the patient’s anatomy. After achieving stable contact, laser energy can be delivered in a point-by-point fashion or as a continuous lesion utilizing the catheter’s new RAPID Mode and can be titrated for an optimal lesion set. All of this is possible due to the real-time visualization provided by the catheter’s endoscope.

How the HeartLight X3 Catheter is Unique – Visually Guided Laser Ablation System for PVI

The HeartLight X3 Catheter, equipped with an endoscope, allows physicians to visualize stable, effective contact and delivery of the ablation catheter’s laser energy. This leads to more safe and efficacious lesion sets and a reduction in fluoroscopy and reliance on maps and other surrogate visualization methods. The HeartLight X3 electrophysiology balloon ablation catheter allows physicians to see what they’ve been missing.

compliant ballon laser ablation catheter

What are the advantages of a compliant balloon catheter for laser ablation procedure?