Building on the advanced technology of the HeartLight Endoscopic Ablation System, the HeartLight Excalibur Balloon takes the establishment of rapid contact to new levels.

The Excalibur Balloon enables clinicians to secure fast, stable contact with direct tissue visualization. This allows for durable lesion creation in a range of pulmonary vein anatomies with one balloon. With extended positioning at hand, physicians can quickly establish wide areas of contact, outside of the pulmonary veins.

Dynamic Response Technology™
Quickly Establish Contact.

The Excalibur Balloon introduces proprietary Dynamic Response technology for optimal tissue contact and streamlined procedures.

  • Graduated Balloon Remote enables real-time balloon sizing for rapid engagement with all pulmonary vein sizes and shapes, at any time
  • Balloon Remote is placed in the physician’s hands, providing direct control of sizing
  • Advanced, proprietary balloon filling mechanism balances ‘beat-to-beat’ balloon stability with significant pulmonary vein conformity

Excalibur Balloon Remote

Excalibur Balloon Remote

Ultra-Compliant Vessel Conformance

Ultra-Compliant Vessel Conformance

Universal Balloon Design
Every Vein. Every Time.

The Excalibur Balloon takes the HeartLight universal balloon concept to new levels with an ultra-compliant design. Improved shape provides ease of use and control throughout the procedure.

  • Maximal circumferential tissue contact empowers physicians with choice over lesion positioning and enables wide lesion sets
  • Compliant balloon design helps maintain continuous, stable contact throughout cardiac and respiratory cycles
  • Balloon can be easily rotated and repositioned in the vein without fully deflating and re-inflating

HeartLight Excalibur Balloon Live Case
AF Symposium 

This case, broadcast live to the AF Symposium in Orlando, FL from Na Homolce Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic, highlights the benefits of the Excalibur Balloon. Drs. Petr Neužil, Vivek Reddy, and Jan Petrů achieve first time isolation of all four pulmonary veins with the ultra-compliant Excalibur Balloon creating a contiguous, circumferential antral lesion set.