The HeartLight X3® System

The HeartLight X3 System

The HeartLight X3 Cardiac Ablation System

As the ultimate pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) tool for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation, the HeartLight X3 System builds on the benefits of direct tissue visualization, titratable laser energy, and our compliant balloon technology.

Pulmonary Vein Isolation for AF Ablation

The HeartLight X3 System provides electrophysiologists with a laser balloon ablation catheter with three unique features. The first is an ultra-compliant Excalibur Balloon provides stable, antral contact. Second, RAPID Mode enables high-power short-duration for precise and continuous energy delivery. And finally, the endoscope provides direct visualization for real-time control and confirmation of lesion creation within the pulmonary veins.

Direct Visualization

direct visualization of pulmonary vein isolation

Visualize Pulmonary Vein Isolation

Utilizing an endoscope within the catheter shaft, the HeartLight X3 Cardiac Ablation System allows electrophysiologists to see directly into the patient’s heart. Direct visualization enables the physician to visualize stable and effective contact, leading to precise energy delivery for tailored and durable lesion creation. Reduce your reliance on mapping systems and other surrogate visualization methods because with HeartLight X3, seeing is believing.

Laser Energy with RAPID Mode

Precise and Durable Energy Delivery

HeartLight X3 utilizes laser energy for focused and precise lesion creation. Similar to radiofrequency ablation, our laser energy can be titrated from 5.5W to 15W to account for variations in anatomy and provide optimal energy delivery. Energy delivery can be done in a point-by-point or continuous fashion with our new RAPID Mode to create a tailored lesion set. With HeartLight X3, you can be confident that you’re creating continuous and durable lesions to treat paroxysmal AFib.

cardiac laser ablation catheter energy

Compliant Balloon Technology

compliant balloon catheter technology

Utilizing Compliant Balloon Technology

The HeartLight X3 Endoscopic Cardiac Ablation System with the Excalibur Balloon enables physicians to achieve stable contact with direct tissue visualization. This allows for durable lesion creation in a range of pulmonary vein anatomies with a single balloon. Learn more about the Excalibur Balloon.

CardioFocus X3 Live Case

CardioFocus HeartLight X3 Catheter Ablation Experience

Watch as Dr. Pieter Koopman from Jessa Hospital in Hasselt, Belgium completes a catheter ablation procedure using the CardioFocus HeartLight X3 System. Jessa Hasselt has completed over 1,000 atrial fibrillation ablation procedures for PVI with our endoscopic ablation catheter, with most procedures completed in under one hour.

HeartLight X3 Laser Ablation Balloon Catheter

The HeartLight X3 System has been designed specifically for physicians to perform pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) procedures efficiently, predictably, and with confidence. The system’s innovative HeartLight X3 ablation catheter is equipped with a compliant balloon to conform to the patient’s anatomy. After achieving stable contact, laser energy can be delivered in a point-by-point fashion or as a continuous lesion utilizing the catheter’s new RAPID Mode and can be titrated for an optimal lesion set. All of this is possible due to the real-time visualization provided by the catheter’s endoscope.

How the HeartLight X3 Catheter is Unique – Visually Guided Laser Ablation System for PVI

The HeartLight X3 Catheter, equipped with an endoscope, allows physicians to visualize stable, effective contact and delivery of the ablation catheter’s laser energy. This leads to more safe and efficacious lesion sets and a reduction in fluoroscopy and reliance on maps and other surrogate visualization methods. The HeartLight X3 electrophysiology balloon ablation catheter allows physicians to see what they’ve been missing.

compliant ballon laser ablation catheter

What are the advantages of a compliant balloon catheter for laser ablation procedure?

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Electrophysiologists treating atrial fibrillation know how important procedural control is for patient outcomes. That’s why the HeartLight Cardiac Ablation System’s compliant balloon, titratable laser energy with RAPID Mode, and direct visualization make it a new standard for PVI procedures. To learn more, contact your local sales representative today.

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