HeartLight X3 System – Lesion Creation at the Speed of Light

Building on the benefits of direct tissue visualization, titratable laser energy, and compliant balloon technology, the HeartLight X3 System introduces RAPID mode for continuous, controlled energy delivery—making it the ultimate pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) tool for atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation.

Continuous Circumferential Lesion
Controlled Lesion Creation. 

The HeartLight X3 System’s new RAPID mode enables high-power, short-duration dosing for precise, continuous energy delivery.

  • Reduce the need for manual overlap of individual lesions for more confident isolation
  • Full z-axis control for optimal lesion location selection
  • Potential for less edema creation

X3 Catheter


Ultra-Compliant Vessel Conformance


Rapid Energy Delivery
More Efficient Isolation.

RAPID mode empowers faster lesion creation – requiring less user manipulation and lower overall energy delivery for optimized procedures.

  • Per vein ablative time as low as three minutes
  • One hour procedure time*
  • Under seven minutes of fluoroscopy*

Live X3 Case
Heart Centre Hasselt Catheter Ablation Experience.

Dr. Pieter Koopman (Jessa Hospital, Hasselt, Belgium) completes a live case using the HeartLight X3 System. Heart Centre Hasselt has performed over 100 procedures with the HeartLight X3 System, with half of the procedures completed in under one hour.

*Average left atrial procedure time excluding 30 minute wait time with operators out of the learning curve. Neužil P., Schmidt B., Chun J., Performance of a 3rd Generation Visually-Guided Laser Balloon Catheter for Pulmonary Vein Isolation: Results of the X3 Study. HRS 2019.

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